Technical Authoring

Passionate about producing quality technical documentation
that is well written, relevant, consistent, comprehensive
and accurate.

Freelance technical author with over 20 years’ experience
delivering high quality and detailed output; capable of
translating complex technical concepts into simple and concise
language at a level appropriate for the target audience;
completed to project specifications within projected timescales.



Experience of technical authoring in IT and mobile solutions, finance and healthcare for a variety of clients.



Diversely skilled across several disciplines, creating new services, initiating change and reinvigorating tired processes.


of Pages

Outstanding communication and presentation skills, both written and verbal, with good understanding of English grammar


Providing professional
solutions for your
technical writing needs

The business of AMS Technical Authoring is to deliver high quality technical documentation that is clear, understandable, helpful and comprehensive. Successful communication depends on adopting a style and tone appropriate to the subject matter and the target audience with a simple, consistent layout and informative content. Our services can help to reduce support costs significantly and release your teams from the chore of producing technical manuals, enabling them to focus fully on core tasks, knowing that documentation is safe in experienced hands.

Technical & Product Manuals

Comprehensive and detailed manuals for internal or external customers in suitable corporate style, including Table of Contents

Software User Guides

Instructions designed for the intended audience and illustrated with screenshots throughout, offering users a premium experience

Processes & Procedures

Holistic and iterative overview with practitioners to eliminate redundancy, repetition and inefficient tasks within the department

Standards & Regulations

ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management; GDPR, Data Protection and Privacy; NCSC 10 Steps to Cyber Security; HMG Minimum Cyber Security Standard


Passionate about quality
technical documentation.

I am a freelance technical author available for short term contracts of up to 12 months duration. I have more than 20 years’ experience of writing IT technical and process documentation, plus more recent experience in finance and healthcare, with emphasis on GDPR and ISO/IEC27001.

You will find me lively, cheerful and enthusiastic, demonstrating meticulous attention to detail, good at listening and passionate about producing documentation that is well written, relevant, comprehensive and, above all, accurate.

I have excellent communication and presentation skills, both written and verbal.

I am resourceful and able to work well without immediate guidance. I have years of experience working remotely whilst maintaining productive lines of communication with managers and colleagues.

Key skills:

  • Good understanding of English grammar and syntax
  • Native English speaker with basic understanding of French, German and Welsh
  • Consistent with document style and format, adhering to in-house standards
  • Edit existing documentation to a high standard and produce completely new work based on discussions with Subject Matter Experts
  • Articulate complex technical concepts clearly and concisely, in language best suited to the target audience
  • Focus on detail and accuracy, avoiding unnecessary intuitive leaps for the audience
  • Incorporate images and screenshots to provide context for instructions and user guides
  • Work collaboratively with the ability to manage many different types of working relationships
  • Work within the scope of the project to tight deadlines
  • Excellent organisational skills, practical, flexible, reliable, adaptable and enthusiastic
Technical Author
Technical Author


MSc in Computing, with a dissertation in knowledge management, BA in English Literature, postgraduate diploma in Librarianship, plus Service Desk Manager and ITIL Version 3 Foundation certification.

Technical Author

Personal Qualities

Hard-working, highly organised and motivated, always willing to develop new skills. A fast learner, capable of working on my own initiative but always ready to listen to experts in the field and to feedback from colleagues.

You really did an amazing job and as much as I would like to take even a little credit here, I would have to say this is all you! You took what I think is an extremely tough task and you made it look easy.

Mike Q.
Technical Writer
Office working

Available to work within an office environment at your premises if required.

Technical Writer
Remote working

Competent and reliable remote working with many years experience.

Technical Writer
Collaborating with SMEs

Discuss requirements to determine functions, operations and processes.


My customers are
my best advertising.

My customers know they can rely on my experience and expertise in technical writing and authorship: skilled across diverse disciplines, creating brand new services, initiating change and reinvigorating tired processes as a consultant in IT service management, a Service Desk Manager in Higher Education and an experienced library professional.

As you can see from my testimonials, I am recognised for having the requisite technical writing skills and resources to supply quality technical documentation for in-house or external stakeholders, as required by the business.

Professional experience and tenacity

Anne joined the Great Ormond Street ZCR project, as technical author with responsibility for delivering a suite of go-live documentation for the technical ICT infrastructure and installations of this state-of-the-art new build flagship facility. Her professional experience and tenacity, working collaboratively with team members from both GOSH and UCL in this challenging and high-pressure project, proved critical in researching and delivering timely documentation deliverables for the staff who would both work in and support the day to day operations of the ZCR Centre for Research.

Jonathan Whale

ICT Programme Manager
Great Ormond Street Hospital

High quality

Thank you for everything! The sessions you’ve produced are of high quality, focused and provide the customer with good information.

Tali A.


A huge difference

It was great working with you – you made a huge difference to the quality of our processes, and our transparency.

Mark E.


Avoids complications

Overall a very good document and actually while covering the generic questions that get asked frequently, I was surprised at the ability to word this in a way that avoids the complications we have with AWS vs Azure but at the same time covering off the types of questions we get asked. Good job.

Michael P.

Has Technology

Excellent work

Thank you very much for your contribution to the project’s success and the excellent work you have delivered.

Nick N.

University College London (UCL)/Great Ormond Street Hospital

The bee's knees

You're the bee's knees! Thank you so much for all of your help over the past few weeks.

Verity H.

Undergraduate Student

Great job

Just a quick note to say thanks for doing such a great job with our documentation. It's so handy to quickly send a link that answers a user's question far more fully than I ever could.

Simon R.


NHS GOSH Foundation Trust
ExLibris campusM
RMS Services
HAS Technology
Motorola Solutions

Quality work completed with
long or short term contracts available.